Madam Walker Archives

Artifacts from the Madam Walker Family Archives of Walker's great-great-granddaughter, A'Lelia Bundles (

For reporters, producers and publishers seeking more information about the Madam Walker Family Archives–the world’s largest collection of photographs, letters, business records, legal documents, furniture, clothing and personal artifacts belonging to Madam Walker and her daughter, A’Lelia Walker–please call A’Lelia Bundles at 202-363-4191. To see more about the Archives holdings, click here.

Madam Walker's photograph by Addison ScurlockThe Madam Walker Family Archives is home to thousands of letters, photos and personal items that belonged to Madam Walker and A'Lelia Walker

         If you are a student seeking primary source documents for National History Day or Black History Month, please contact A’Lelia Bundles at We urge students to read the biographical and historical material about Madam Walker in the “Students & Teachers” section of our website and to read our Madam Walker Black History Month Guide
The MWFA is home to thousands of photos, letters and personal items that belonged to Madam Walker and A’Lelia Walker

The Madam Walker Family Archives is home to hundreds of photos and documents chronicling the lives of Madam C. J. Walker and her daughter, A'Lelia Walker.


4 Responses to Madam Walker Archives

  1. Samoni Mcdonald says:

    She has a good life and she was the first black female to be a millilonaire that’s so Awesome!!!!!!!

  2. Sherrie says:

    I love Madame CJ Walker sooo much she has always been a role model, and hero to me. It excites me on the inside to know that one of my ancestors made that type of mark on history, with all those circumstances. It motivates me to move forward and never give up. I can go on and on but it is sooo amazing how our people from the 1700-1800′s had sooo much strenth and tenacity in spite of all the things going against them. Personally I feel there is no excuse to accept the status quo.

  3. Sista' Joy! says:

    What a marvelous legacy Madam C J Walker has left us. Her story needs to be told over and over again, especially, to our young people and our women. With faith and determination, all things are possible! Madam Walker was a great example of this enduring truth. . .Thank you!

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