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Madam Walker’s great-great-granddaughter and biographer, A’Lelia Bundles, would love to hear your comments about Madam Walker and Walker’s daughter, A’Lelia Walker, the Harlem Renaissance hostess of the iconic The Dark Tower. You can learn more about A’Lelia at

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  1. leela says:

    i am being madam Walker for our living muesum at school.

  2. Kenya Holmes says:

    hello! I am doing a class project on Madam C. J. Walker, and this site was very helpful. Thanks for the information given.

  3. DINA says:

    i am doing a project on madame c.j walker and this is very very helpful i love the website

  4. Miranda says:

    HI! im doing a class project on Madam c. j. walker and i got to say the information here is great madam c.j. BYE!!!! :) :) :)

  5. dezaray says:

    i am doing a project on madam at the boys and girl club on black history month and she is very interesting. I love it here on your website:)

  6. olivia says:

    who was an influential person in her life I’m writing a report and i need to know ASAP like today!!!

  7. Neurilene says:

    Hi A’lelia,

    I am doing a project research on your great-great-grandmother. I can’t find a source where it tells me about her education. Please I need your help!
    Thanks in advance,

  8. BJ Cantrell says:

    It is always a blessing and excitement for me to discover unique treasure troves of history that occurred in our country. I admire the will, persistence, consistency, and dedication your awesome great – great – grandmother had. It could not have been easy for her in an all white dominated society; especially just freed from slavery. I thank you for sharing your heritage with us. I am especially excited to find out that the first female millionaire was an African American; daughter of slaves.

  9. Irene says:

    I’m in a computer class. My homework was to research this name.
    I had know idea. It’s wonderful to fine Black leaders, blackwomen at that, be
    pioneer of fine arts and business. Sincerely, Thankx

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