Welcome to The Madam Walker
and A’Lelia Walker Family Archives

Reporters and Producers: Please contact A’Lelia Bundles at or at 202-363-4191 for research questions and photographs of Madam Walker.  A’Lelia is Madam Walker’s great-great-granddaughter and biographer and president of the Walker Family Archives, the largest private collection of Walker artifacts, photographs and memorabilia.

To order photographs of Madam Walker and A’Lelia Walker:
Please contact A’Lelia Bundles at or on her website at

About The Walker Archives: A’Lelia Bundles, Madam Walker’s great-great-granddaughter and biographer, is president of the Madam Walker/A’Lelia Walker Family Archives, the largest privately owned collection of inherited and acquired photographs, Walker Company business and legal documents, personal correspondence, advertisements, furniture, clothing and other personal items. A’Lelia can be reached at 202-363-4191

See some of our photos & memorabilia on our Walker Family Archives blog.

Additional photographs of Madam C. J. Walker, A’Lelia Walker, Walker advertisement and other related images are available for use in print, video and digital media.

Audio and Video Links about Madam Walker

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